Darwin a hub for adventure

Any true traveller that has done an Australia trip has spent some time in Darwin, Northern Terrritory, Australia. Most likely more time than intended, Darwin’s hot weather seems to of woohed the locals into a contagious state of relaxation that can cause you to forget your schedule and settle into the laidback lifestyle.

The history of Darwins varied expacts from all over the world as well as the heavy indigenous population makes for a welcoming melting pot of different cultures. There is a reason so many people want to call themselves a “Darwin Local” and once you experience the bustling markets and community atmosphere you will feel home too. Make sure to check out the Mindel Beach Markets on a Thursday night for some food and a stunning sunset.

Darwin is the first point of attack for anybody looking to venture into Kakadu, Litchfield or Arnhem land. The generations of tourist flocking to Darwin has allowed for a flourishing Tourism Industry with limitless options including travel by air, water or 4WD vehicle. Just venture through the CBD of Darwin and you will be met with offers and deals from every operator each with there own perks and quirks. Just make sure to check there itineraries to ensure that you are seeing the iconic spots that you want to see.

The first thing that a lot of people associate with Darwin is crocs and rightly so as there are crocodile experiences around every corner. Check out Crocosaurous Cove to learn about crocs and see some of the giants in action with a 5 sided glass tank housing some big nasties. If you are searching for a more organic crocodile experience venture out to one of the Jumping Croc Cruises and see some of the locals in there natural habitat.

Whether its venturing down Mitchell St checking out some of the nightlife or a nice dinner spot or heading down to the waterfront for a cocktail and a safe swim Darwin holds something for everyone. Forget what day it in this tropical paradise just as long as you remember which day your Kakadu Tour Leaves!

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