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Why Kakadu?

Making the decision to venture into Kakadu National Park can be a life changing experience and has been for many people. The remote location, awe inspiring landscape and everchanging ecosystem have been known to have miraculous impacts on people’s mental health and has also inspired many people such as guides and rangers to devote their life to supporting and exploring it.

It takes a certain kind of traveller curious enough to explore Kakadu. Anyone can go and sit pool side with a cocktail and test the limits of an all you can eat buffet. But Kakadu and the Northern Territories wilderness can give you so much more than sunburn and a stomach-ache. Sure there’s a time for relaxing holidays and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a buffet as much as the next person but I’m talking about the feeling of curiosity that grips all travellers, the excitement in your stomach every now and then that just can’t be satisfied by anything else.

Days on end in the warm weather alongside snakes, crocodiles and flys, traveling on unsealed roads for hundreds of kilometres and breaking down out of phone reception. Doesn’t really sound like a holiday does it? Kakadu is not always kind to us soft WIFI dependent humans and at times it can be difficult. But enduring these hardships and facing these challenges will give you something that less and less people experience these days and that is a real adventure.

Maybe it’s the lack of phone reception, Maybe it’s the natural beauty, Maybe it something more, all I know is after a couple of weeks waking up to the sun and going to sleep to the milky way every night, I feel like I have had an intensive therapy session curtesy of doctor Kakadu. It is a beneficial experience for Kids growing up and an equally needed reset for parents and adults. The simplicity of life in the bush combined with insights into the indigenous people’s way of life puts things into perspective. I have seen myself a notable change in peoples stress levels and even shy kids coming out completely different with a whole new attitude. There has been many tears shed and much laughter had in Kakadu and that wont change any time soon.

Seeing people’s passion for living and breathing Kakadu is inspiring and our passion is sharing it. Unlike other beautiful places in the world that have become overrun and hostile, Kakadu is still enough of a hidden gem that the sense of community is strong and friendly. If you enter it with a sense of respect and attitude of genuine interest guides will most likely share with you all they know and even pass on Kakadu secrets. There is no “locals only” macho and everyone is welcome in this incredible part of the world.

So what do you think is Kakadu for you? Maybe you’re not ready yet, that’s ok, its not for everyone and we understand that. Kakadu is a unique, beautiful and genuine place and no one is going to force you to enjoy it.  We can only hope that it stays this way as long as possible but just in case, get there this season! We will see you there.

Joshua Grigg

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