Ever dreamt of experiencing the real Australia – cooking over a campfire, sleeping out under the stars in a swag with no-one for miles around except your friends, family or colleagues? With a Private Tour you can do exactly that but without all the logistical hassles and equipment needed that come with a solo trip.

Ideal for adventurous families and small groups.

Tour Summary

We can run a private charter exactly as we run our regular trips or we can alter it, options include different accommodation, different itineraries, adding flights, adding overnight or extended hikes, focussing on a special interest like bird watching, aboriginal art, meditation etc.


The itinerary on a private tour is customised for each tour.

Some groups want us to run our normal itinerary through Kakadu and Arnhem Land but just be in the nicer vehicle and a private group, if this is you then you can have a look at the itinerary for either of these tours to see a sample. 5 day Kakadu Tour or 5 Day Top End Tour.

Or we can completely customise something to suit you, customisations could include;

  • Increasing the length of the tour to allow for a slower pace.
  • Adjusting for families with younger children, for example doing shorter walks and more time playing in the water.
  • Focussing on a specialist activity, like bird watching, indigenous art, meditation, overnight hikes etc.
  • Adding extra activities, like flights and accommodation
  • Shorter tours for those with time restrictions


We can do anything, but most of our private tours leave from Darwin.


Each private charter tour is quoted separately, when quoting for you we work on a daily rate for the whole vehicle, so normally, the more people you have the cheaper the tour gets per person.

If you are interested in doing a private charter, contact us on 0429861406 or at tours@kakaduadventures.com.au and we can provide you with a quote.


Luxury Toyota Land Cruiser GXL

For families and small groups seeking a little comfort we utilise the Turbo Charged Toyota Land Cruiser GXL which is Toyota’s luxury 4WD.

This vehicle seats 4 adults plus the guide comfortably and can carry a further 2 or 3 in the rear (suitable for children and small adults).

Depending on the group size, gear is carried in a trailer or on the roof.


Rugged Iveco Adventure Truck

The Adventure Truck is a custom built vehicle designed to tackle to rugged Kimberley whilst still providing a level of comfort.

Our small group policy and commitment to access out of the way places down bush tracks means that we won’t run the large overland trucks.

It carries a maximum of 12 passengers, is air conditioned and has multiple charging points.

It was also important to us that it had huge opening windows so we can excite all the senses and be part of the wilderness, not just look at at from behind a vacuum sealed refrigerator on wheels.




Check out some of our Trip Advisor Private Kimberley Tour Reviews

The following reviews relate to PRIVATE TOURS. For more reviews please visit our Kimberley Tour Review page.

Kimberley Tour Reviews

Four children + Kimberley = trip of a lifetime

Our family (two adults, four children aged five through eleven) just finished a tour from Darwin to Broome with Kimberley Adventure Tours. We hoped for the trip of a lifetime, we were not disappointed.

The Kimberley is spectacular, a world-class destination right here in Australia, and still deserted compared to destinations of similar quality.

Our guide (Tim) was knowledgeable, sensible and respectful, and great company. He knew the Kimberley and how to make all aspects of the trip (camping, sightseeing, gorge hopping and waterfall jumping) as rewarding and enjoyable as possible. It seemed we had privileged access to the Kimberley for ten days.

We all loved sleeping in swags under the stars, and our kids slept like logs, testament to how active they were and their involvement (our choice) in setting up, packing up and washing up. And my wife and I were pleasantly surprised at the quality of food that Tim prepared when we were (quite literally) in the middle of nowhere.

To be clear, this is not “glamping”, but a well-organised, properly-resourced adventure, run by someone who really knows what they are doing. It was a truly special experience we will never forget. I can’t recommend KAT highly enough, delighted to answer questions of people who are contemplating this trip with small children. Do it.

Ivan & Family – Visited July 2016

Private Charter – Just Brilliant

We did a private charter with Kimberley Adventure Tours and Tim was our host.

To put it in one word, it was fantastic!

Tim tailored to tour fully to our needs and was absolutely flexible to meet any request we had. Swims in beautiful gorges, exciting night excursions, magnificent evenings by the fire, amazing food.

We would love to come back, anytime.

Alicja & Tobias – Visited October 2016

Life enhancing wilderness experience

Unable to make the dates of a scheduled departure we booked a charter with Kimberley Adventure Tour. So it was by serendipity we found ourselves on a trip that combined a true wilderness experience with all the comforts of home.

The Kimberley has a an embarrassment of riches with extraordinary scenery and geology and each day brought another spectacular sight such that we ran out of superlatives. The itinerary is well planned to allow visits to all the major features with manageable driving distances between and opportunities for swims in cooling pools and creeks during the heat of the day.

The real difference between KAT and the other operators is the small group ethos and wild camping which means this really feels like the wilderness adventure we all seek. As others have noted there is nothing comparable to sleeping in the open, under the stars with the crackling of the fire. The tour for us was made by GT, our guide, driver and all round top man. He is hugely knowledgeable in all aspects of The Kimberley and WA, he maintains immense enthusiasm for an area he obviously loves, knows all the secret paths and places to ensure we were often the only ones in a stupendous gorge, cooks restaurant quality food on an open fire and caters for every need eg bringing out fruit, chip and dips and jelly sweets from his backpack after a long hike.
The Landcruiser is comfortable, spacious and fully air conditioned, the swags have mattresses duvets and pillows and the camp chairs are like an armchair.
Participation is encouraged in wood gathering, preparation of vegetables and washing up but this all helps team cohesion. Take tops that cover your shoulders and a hat for sun protection and wear good shoes- trainers worked well. I cannot see how this tour could be bettered and would recommend it to anyone.

Amanda S – Visited July 2015